Artist Statement

Drawing Thoughts

Through my drawings I am exploring my thoughts, in hope to gain awareness, clarity and control, to help me find my authentic self.

I draw out my thoughts, the compulsive repetitive chatter of my mind, using automatic writing and the scribbles of a dyslexic artist. The aim is to express my thoughts, clear and let go, allowing me to focus.  These writings allow me to experience and witness my inner voice, to connect with and understand my basic thoughts, the basic version of myself.

My observational and repetitive motion drawings represent the silence between my thoughts. It is through the focus of the motion or the focus of learning to see through drawing, that gives me this silence and the sense of awareness, it is a meditation.

My drawings are created automatically through this awareness and a desire to capture the honest essence of a fleeting moment. They are a record  and a result of a process that grounds me in the present moment.

The awareness is translated in my work with my use of colour theory, medium, and the awareness of colour and form. In my work where I use colour, I only the primary colours with their mixes, tints, shades, temperatures and broken hues to capture my response to the observations while helping me get back to basics,  back to raw expression.

Working with both my visual and verbal thoughts together in my drawings, I am able to realise my thoughts and emotions, and gain an awareness that allows me to better understand and find my authentic self; my drawings are my meditations.